GRAND by the sea

For more than 100 years, people from all over the world have come to Grand Hôtel in Mölle. Many have traveled from far to bathe and find pleasure in the magnificent nature. Here they have relaxed from everyday cares and seized the day in every way imaginable. This is the birthplace of Sin.
The Sin in Mölle refers to the highly immodest bathing at Ransvik, where – believe it or not – women and men swam in the sea together! A steady stream of Europeans arrived on trains straight from Berlin and some registered post restante in neighboring villages as to not be associated with The Sin in Mölle.

The fun did not end then and there. Grand Hôtel in Mölle is still a hub for food and festivities year round and even today tourists arrive in great numbers to enjoy… and, of course, swim together. 

Grand Restaurant